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I am starting this blog and searching for a theme. What is going gon?

Surfing the World Wide Web With An Alien!

Here's how this thing works. Come surf the world wide web and see what I do. Lets Go Surfing the World Wide Web With An Alien! The title of this post is apropos as it pertains to an an attempt by me to show you, the reader, how my mischievous mercenary mind wanders in cyberspace.

Webmaster Academy

Intro to Webmaster Academy I found myself thinking about creating a network of websites.  I firmly believe that Google is the ultimate source when it comes to the World Wide Web.   I am such a believer in Google and it's applications, that I have incorporated their name into my tagline that is incorporated on every website I will create. In God we trust, In Google we cyber and never the twain shall meet as we trek toward the American Dream! Having said that, I proceeded to obtain my website education by enrolling in Google's Webmaster Academy as it provides the information and tools to teach me how to create a site and have it found in Google Search. Who should take Webmaster Academy?
Anyone who’s interested in creating or improving their website can take it. Whether you’re a business increasing your web presence or a photographer putting together an online portfolio, they can help you get started. What’s included in the modules? Tips on creating a great siteLessons on how Google…

The Curtain Rises

When the curtain rises, the audience sees the set. The actors see the audience. The performance begins. When the curtain falls, the audience no longer sees the set. The actors no longer see the audience. The performance ends.  It's so simple!

A website is essentially the same. When the browser loads the site, the viewer sees "Welcome Page", the webmaster gets information on the viewer as they navigate the website (using "cookies" to personalize the visitor's experience and to study how their website is being used)and ultimately the visitor makes an exit.  The performance ends.  It's so simple!

In both of the above scenarios, what's missing is the content, Acts #1, #2 and #3. That's what really counts, the content. Everything else is just the scenery.

This blog called is intended to illustrate what goes on "behind the curtain".