The Curtain Rises

It's Showtime!
When the curtain rises, the audience sees the set. The actors see the audience. The performance begins. When the curtain falls, the audience no longer sees the set. The actors no longer see the audience. The performance ends.  It's so simple!

A website is essentially the same. When the browser loads the site, the viewer sees "Welcome Page", the webmaster gets information on the viewer as they navigate the website (using "cookies" to personalize the visitor's experience and to study how their website is being used) and ultimately the visitor makes an exit.  The performance ends.  It's so simple!

In both of the above scenarios, what's missing is the content, Acts #1, #2 and #3. That's what really counts, the content. Everything else is just the scenery.

This blog called is intended to illustrate what goes on "behind the curtain".


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